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The Okene sleepsuit is the first garment designed to help in relieving colic in a breastfed baby.

The Okene therapeutic sleepsuit is both easy to use and completely natural. It has a small packet of organic seeds or a gel pack that, once heated, is placed into the front pocket of the sleepsuits, in such a way that it is held over the baby's abdominal area. This is the zone where the acupuncture points that balance the flow of energy in the abdomen are located (Ren-12, Ren-6 and ST-25) that balance and therefore help to relieve colic in the breastfed baby.

You can consult the Benefits of the Okene sleepsuit section to find out more information about the the effects of the Okene therapeutic sleepsuit.


Colic in breastfed babies and its possible causes.

Colic is a common disorder in the first few months of life of the breastfed baby, and is characterized by intense and prolonged crying for no apparent reason. Many babies are affected by this problem; according to statistics, more than 40% of babies between 0 and six months suffer from it.

Numerous studies have been carried out with the aim of determining the cause of the problem, however a specific and definitive cause has still not been determined. Much of the research coincides in pointing to wind as being the main cause, and indicate different conditions which could cause difficulties in the baby's digestion and provoke colic. These include, for example, certain elements that reach the baby through breast milk (caffeine, nuts, carbonated drinks, food additives, etc.) or feeding too quickly (in less than 20 minutes) or too frequently, which produces stagnation in the stomach and intestines. Another thing that can influence proper digestion in the baby is the exposure to certain environmental stimulants, such as cold, noise or radiation from technological equipment. There are also studies that highlight the fact that certain medical treatments, such as taking antibiotics, can cause colic in babies.

On the other hand, there are other theories that relate colic to the traumatic experiences of the mother during pregnancy or the complications experienced during childbirth. In this case it is understood that the baby also assimilates these experiences and it is the emotional trauma suffered by the baby that causes the colic.

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