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Pack AntiColic Sleepsuit + Body



PACK ORGANIC OKENE (Anti-Colic Sleepsuit + Body)

Designed to help naturally relieve colic of the baby's infant.

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18,17 €

18,17 €

  • Sleepsuit (Size 1) + Body (1)
  • Sleepsuit (Size 3) + Body (1)
  • Sleepsuit (Size 3) + Body (3)
  • Sleepsuit (Size 6) + Body (3)

Data sheet

Manufactured It is made of 100% organic cotton and has ecological certificates.
Properties Recommended for dermatological problems
Season All seasons
We take care of their health: Is a noble fiber that allows the healthy perspiration of the baby's skin, thus preventing the development of allergies.
We take care of the Planet: Is sustainable, renewable and biodegradable; making it an excellent choice as an ecological fiber throughout its production cycle.
We take care of their comfort: Nothing feels better than the natural and soft quality fabric.
More Information www.InfoColic.com

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Include: AntiColic SleepSuit (Pack Seed/Lavender + GIFT - GEL Pack-) + Body Organic

The organic Okene sleepsuit is made from 100% organic cotton which has been organically dyed.

This is the distinguishing feature of “eco” garments: that is to say, throughout the process of cultivation, manufacture and production, no chemical or synthetic products are used.

Indeed, it is particularly recommended for babies who suffer from allergies or other skin problems.

It is made with 100% organic cotton and has the certificates GOT (Global Organic Textile Standard).


European Sizing (Anglo-Saxon), approximate reference for Size, Weight and Height:

Size: 0-1 months; Weight 2.5 kg – 3.5 kg.; Height > 56 cm.

Size: 1-3 months; Weight 3.5 kg – 4.0 kg;  Height  56-62 cm.

Size: 3-6 months; Weight 4.0 kg – 5.7 kg;  Height  62-68 cm.

Size: 6-9 months; Weight 5.7 kg – 7.2 kg;  Height  68-74 cm.

Patent ® en EU, USA, China y Brazil.


European Sizing (Anglo-Saxon), approximate reference for Size, Weight and Height:

Size for 0-1 months; Weight 2.5 kg - 3.5 kg .; Height> 56 cm.

Size for 1-3 months; Weight 3.5 kg - 4.0 kg; Height 56-62 cm.

Designed in Spain

Distributed by OkeneBebé s.l.

Trademark ® in EU, USA and China.

WARNING: Read the operating instructions before using the product.
IMPORTANT: Always check the temperature before placing the Seeds / Gel Pack.

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