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The origin of the creation of our Okene therapeutic sleepsuit is, for us, a very special and at the same time very personal story. We are Alejandro and Dámaris, a young couple who had our first child, Eneko, on November 5th 2013. As new parents we suffered from Eneko's continuous crying during his first weeks of life due to what is known as colic, which is a common problem in these early months, and is characterised by intense and continuous crying without obvious cause (although most studies incline towards wind).

Faced with the desperation of our baby and exhausted by the situation, we drew up a clear objective: find a solution that would calm and relieve his symptoms but which would require the use of no medication. Thanks to the invaluable help and experience of our friends and family, we quickly found a solution, and we turned this into a product that could help other parents and, above all, allow us to offer relief to other babies with the same problem. There are a multitude of options on the market to choose from, above all pharmaceutical products. However the option that was best adapted to our baby was the natural remedy that Ana, his paternal grandmother, offered: she recommended the use of natural seeds as an infallible remedy to alleviate the colic, as well as the use of hot water bottles.

After several successful applications we noticed a big improvement, so we began to think about what would be the most comfortable way to apply these seeds, for both Eneko and us. And then we came up with the idea! Given that the items of clothing used by babies everyday in their first months of life are bodysuits and sleepsuits, we decided to create a sleepsuit that, thanks to its innovative, practical and simple design, allows the seeds to be held over the baby's abdomen to ensure the correct application of the product. So we designed a sleepsuit which has a compartment in the abdominal area in which to place the pack of seeds and allow their constant application. Thanks to this simple but practical design, combined with the positioning of the baby in specific postures, we achieved effective results without the use of any medication or mainstream medical therapy. Finally, in honour of our little one, we came up with the name of the brand starting from an anagram of Eneko, Okene.

Since the moment found the solution to Eneko's problem we have been very happy parents. What is more, even though our family has grown with the arrival of Marco, Eneko's little brother, we haven't had to worry about colic again. Marco has proved a wonderful model for all our sleepsuits and has enabled us to consolidate and advance the design of all our products. So it could be said that our children have made this solution a reality as both inventors and testers of our family invention. Our little family would like to help other families alleviate the pain of their little ones without having to take recourse to any traditional medical remedies. Okene is a therapeutic product which is enormously convenient and easy to use, and even more importantly, offers a natural alternative for all babies that suffer from colic... and for all those parents who, like us, suffer along with them.

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